Tweetups and Skepticism

13 Jun

Once upon a time, I was a Twitter skeptic.  I’m still a skeptic about words like “tweeps,” and “tweetup,” although I’ve found myself using them with less and less of a cringe.  My general Twitter skepticism was ended the minute I found out you could follow people who were living in space.  (I think about half the accounts I follow now are NASA-related.)  I think Twitter can be an important community–if that’s what you choose to make of it.  I’ve watched some of my favorite artists attempt to write and record 8 songs in 8 hours, seen revolutions unfold from across the world, gotten words of encouragement from total strangers, and hopefully reciprocated.

So that was my plug for the Twitter community for anyone not familiar with it (I’m restraining myself from making the obvious pun on “twitter” and “literate.”)

In other news, this is Atlantis, our ship.  More information about NASA tweetups can be found here (scroll down).  I would definitely encourage everyone to sign up for any upcoming tweetups (150 people chosen out of 5,500 applicants has to be better odds than playing the lottery or getting struck by lightning).



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