Baby Steps

14 Jun

Our hotel room is booked.  Our flight is booked.  Our rental car is rented.  And our spaceship is on the launch pad.

Via @bethbeck, Image Credit: NASA/Terry Zaperach

Click to see a much larger version of the picture.  The banner reads “We’re Behind You, Atlantis!”

I cannot wait to see the sheer magnitude of the shuttle and the launch pad in real life.  Near the bottom right corner of this picture, there’s a truck, which provides some idea of the scale.  I’ve lived outside of Chicago or right in the middle of Los Angeles my entire life, so I’m used to tall structures.  I’m just not used to tall structures that proceed to launch into space.

According to the always trustworthy Wikipedia, Atlantis is 122.17 feet long, which (for a fairly meaningless comparison scale) is about 21 times my height.  On the other hand, the Apollo Command/Service Module was only (!) 36.2 feet tall, and made it all the way to the Moon.  Baby steps, indeed.


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