Lightning Break

7 Jul

I started this post when we were in the twent, waiting for the lightning warning to pass so we could go to lunch.  Of course, I wrote about a sentence, and we then immediately left for lunch.  And now it is 8:30 p.m.  And I want to go to sleep.  But first, Top Ten Moments and Top Ten Pictures:

10 Favorite Pictures

1) The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). You can drive a bus through each of the stripes on the flag.

2) Elmo was sassier than I remember. Probably tailors his voice to his audience. Side note: I was about 5 feet away. Love the zoom on this camera.

3) If I recall correctly, this was when Elmo asked Astro_Wheels if he had ever broken anything on the ISS.

4) The shuttle before RSS Retraction. There are people up there.

5) The shuttle after RSS Retraction. It was utterly unreal to see it so close.

6) A closer zoom of the shuttle.

7) This is the back of the VAB. They had to open all of those gray doors for the Saturn V rockets; they only open the bottom 3 or so for the shuttle.

8) A real, actual, real Saturn V rocket.

9) My first picture inside the VAB. Wow.

10) A view straight up at the ceiling inside the VAB.


10 Favorite Moments:

10)  Driving up to the VAB on my own at sunrise.  I haven’t found a good radio station in Florida, so the only sound in the car was my periodic disbelieving laugh.

9)  The possible sighting of an alligator on NASA grounds after the monsoon.

8)  The intense rain that trapped us in the tent–because that is exactly the sort of story I will be telling in 30 years, the time we were trapped in the tent.

7)  Watching the Saturn V movie–the combination of space-awe and sleep-deprivation meant I was almost weeping over Apollo 1, but it was amazing.

6)  The surprise visit from Lori_Garver.  So lucky she was able to spend time with us!

5)  Getting a peach from Georgia because I left my cooler in the car.

4)  Elmo saying “To boldly go where no one has gone before” after having the word “exploration” explained to him by Astro_Mike.

3)  Getting locked in at the VAB (Hi, security?  Large group still in this government facility, do you mind if we sleep over tonight?)

2)  Meeting Astro_Mike and Astro_Wheels.  Both so nice, so interesting, and with a lot of great information in answer to our questions.  Cannot believe that they were able to spend so much time with us.

1)  Walking into the VAB.  Words cannot describe, and my pictures do not do justice to, the awe I felt upon walking in.  I went with the traditional flabbergasted “Wow,” but heard enough people swear under their breath upon walking into the building that I know I was not alone in my reaction.  A moment later, I realized:  this was how I was supposed to feel in Europe last summer.  This marvel of science and engineering inspired in me a sense of awe more sincere and real than I would have ever thought possible.


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