A thirty percent chance of good weather

8 Jul

I haven’t had internet since before the launch, so instead of driving myself crazy by restarting my computer, turning airport on and off, and starting and quitting Chrome and Firefox (because you never know), I’m writing this blog, which will obviously be posted much later.

We had an amazing spot for the launch, right across the water.

Not as close as we got yesterday, but I don't think that would have been legal.

The whole time, I’ve been saying that I knew I would cry.  But I guess I always figured I would cry like, you know, sad movie music making you tear up crying.  Nope.  About the second the engine turned on, I was full-on tears down my face, not able to talk crying.  It was like flipping a switch.

The vibration from the sound wave was just as amazing as everyone said it would be.  At first I thought I had missed it, but you can’t miss it.  It feels like sound waves hitting you, more than it feels like hearing something.  It was completely mad.

For the amount of cloud cover that we did have, we were able to see the shuttle for a fairly long time.  After grabbing a few pictures of our sobby messes of selves in front of the cloud, we wandered back into the twent and watched the live feed from the camera until it separated from the orbiter.

Of course, when that feed ended, someone with zero concern for my tear ducts replayed the launch along with Bear McCreary’s “Fanfare for STS135,” which had previously been introduced by Seth Green.

I’m going to have to process this all later, and maybe write something more introspective then.  Along with gorgeous launch photos from other people.  Thanks for coming along for the ride, everyone!

Oh, apropos of nothing, custom (free) M&Ms:

Just when we thought the day couldn't get any better....


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    […] Sarah Boots: It feels like soundwaves hitting you, more than it feels like hearing something. It was completely mad. […]

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