The Sun

8 Jul

The sun actually appears to maybe be coming out.  Or thinking about.  We’re on lunch (?) break until about 10:30.  (How, how have I been up for 9 hours?  I don’t comprehend.)

This is me with Timmy from @thinkgeek. Possibly one of my favorite photos of me ever.

Internet is getting a lot slower as the people whose actual job it is to report on this sort of thing start taking up our precious tweetup wi-fi, so this may be my last blog post until tonight.  (Or tomorrow if we go back to the hotel and I fall asleep immediately.)

Everyone is increasingly optimistic about the launch happening today.  It’s looking good right now, and there’s just a great vibe to it (earlier I tweeted that if you asked me in a month “Are we going to launch today?” my automatic, conditioned response would be “Woooo!”).

I stupidly took some pictures on the camera’s built-in memory that I can’t currently retrieve sans USB-connector, but I got a picture with astronaut Tony Antonelli, and we got to see the astro van drive the STS135 crew to the launch pad.

We also got to hear a talk by Bob Crippen, pilot of STS1, the first shuttle mission, and the first American craft to fly a manned mission without first being tested unmanned.  Basically, it was the ultimate test-flight.  He got a little teary-eyed, and so did we all.

Then Seth Green introduced Bear McCreary’s Fanfare for STS135, as we watched a live feed of the crew settling into the shuttle.

What we were watching.

And that was the first time today I actually cried.  I was close yesterday during the Saturn V show when they mentioned Apollo 1, but this was it.

Launch is now in one hour and 18 minutes.  I’ll probably take a picture or two, but mostly, I just want to be in this once-in-a-lifetime moment.  See you on the other side!


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