Sorry, Poor Neglected Blog…

26 Jul

…  But really.  I’ve been studying for the GRE, and undergoing the requisite parallel-universe stress that accompanies any major life change.  “How can I choose School X, when I would be equally happy at School Y and become a completely different person based on the people I meet and life experiences I have there?”

There was this cute little Lutheran school that I was thinking of going to, back in 2008.  And Northwestern was always on the table.  And I could have gone to either of those schools, and that would have been fine.  That would have been more than fine, that would have been real life.  And I would have absolutely no idea of the people and experiences I had missed out on from my current real life.

Frankly, I find the infinitesimal odds of being where I am in life right now vaguely worrisome.  I need a Worry Hat.  (Although, to be fair, I like what my unthinking use of the word “infinitesimal” does for my chances on the GRE.)

I am also a bit more homesick for NASA than I can remember being homesick for home.  And then there’s Norway.  And the debt ceiling thing.  And I’m really trying to finish A Dance With Dragons?  And my internship.  I love my internship, I really do; maybe someday I’ll write about it.  But part of my job is making graphs like this:

Incarceration Rates Among Men, by Age and Race, 2008. All data from Pew's "1 in 100 Behind Bars."

And yes, we’re working to fix problems of disproportionality.  And I don’t mean to disavow my previous wild-eyed optimism about a slightly-less-terrible future for all of humanity.  But life is looking just a little grim from where I’m sitting.

It’s probably just all the practice exams.


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