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The Science of Space, Brains, and Babies

18 Jun

The final flight of Atlantis will be STS-135.  (The STS stands for “Space Transportation System.”  The more you know.)  I’ve been skimming through previous missions, especially the earliest missions and the Hubble-centric ones, looking for things to write & think about while I wait patiently to board a plane to Florida next month.

STS-90, flown by Columbia in April of 1998, was a Spacelab mission, carrying a set of 26 experiments to be performed on nonhuman animals and on the crew themselves.

Spacelab Concept Art

Spacelab flew on 22 shuttle missions. The above is some pretty darn gorgeous concept art, which you should absolutely click to zoom in on.

These 26 experiments made up Neurolab.  I was surprised I had never heard of it, and glad to find a wealth of scientific literature about the experiments, some of which looked incomprehensible at first glance.

I love science that looks incomprehensible at first glance. Continue reading