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In Praise of Museums, for EndeavourLA

7 Oct

This afternoon, I crafted a first draft of the last class schedule of my undergrad career. Needless to say, it made me look back on the last four years, mostly in disbelief. Here’s a picture I took with my digital camera (back when everyone I knew carried around digital camera, phone, and iPod as three separate entities, as a matter of course) at my first football game (not my first USC football game, my first football game ever.  I still don’t really know how football works.)

FOUR. YEARS. Let's not even try to pretend that makes sense. George Bush was president, the first iPads were still two years away, America had manned spaceflight capability, there were murmurs of trouble in the housing market, China had hosted the summer Olympics, the LHC was about to switch on, and I -- I was an English major.

See the California Science Center behind all the people and all the pretty trees? I didn’t, at the time. (My sense of direction is, as previously mentioned, dire. I was concentrating on making sure I could get back to my dorm by nightfall in case I lost the rest of the group from my floor. Hello, freshman year.)

But I love a museum. I grew up in Chicago; I took the Field Museum and the Museum of Science & Industry (and all the rest) completely for granted, the way you do when you’re a kid. Continue reading