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4 hours

8 Jul

W’ere in the middle of a robotics demonstration on refueling in-flight (!!!), but I just finished uploading about 50 photos to Flickr, so thought I would link to them here so I don’t have to keep posting them a few at a time:

Flickr Photo Set



Day 1, A Photo Essay, Or: Too Tired to Write Words

6 Jul

This was the first sign for KSC that I was able to get a picture of. Yay!!!

Hey, Florida:  You have combination mini-golf/gator-feeding places, trucks full of watermelons, and you launch space shuttles?  You are kinda weird.  To say the least.

There were a series of NASA buses. Not sure who they were for, but presumably awesome people?

But you are weird in a good way, I mean, Florida.  Or just weird in a weird way.

We had lunch at a Wendy's on Astronaut Blvd. I mean, presumably it is the Wendy's that Buzz Aldrin ate at before Apollo 11. Obviously.

Lunch feels like a million years ago.

Dad being an astronaut while we looked for space shirts.

Too tall to be an astronaut?  I don’t think so.

This bag holds wonders unimaginable. Also astronaut ice cream and a mission patch.

Squishy. Astronaut.  It still needs a name.

I'm official :)

I feel like I should just be able to show this to get through airport security on the way home.

This is where our ridiculous GPS took us when we were looking for SpaceX. Possibly the funniest moment of my life, until a black cat crossed our path as we drove away. And you know what? This was probably the SpaceX Launch Control Center after all.... And that is one skeptical shoulder in that rearview mirror.

So, that was our day….  Never did make it to real SpaceX.

The History of the Space Shuttle in Pictures

2 Jul

I honestly cannot improve on this article.  So I’ll just link and provide silly commentary, I guess?  (It worries me that that may be an accurate description of my essay-writing in every English class I have ever taken.)

These pictures deserve to be perused:  The History of the Space Shuttle.  I’m still trying to pick one for a wallpaper for the tweetup.  (My background has previously been a series of nebulae, a sunset on Mars, the starship–as opposed to space shuttle–Enterprise, and, briefly, a neat instance of immunofluorescence, which, yes, I definitely just spelled right without checking.  But none of those seem quite right for shuttle-launch-witnessing.)  Right now, I’m thinking #58. But that’s skipping ahead significantly.

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